dim-pageTHE DANCER IN ME SACRED ARTS & MUSIC TRAINING INSTITUTE takes place every March in Southern California. It is one of the largest, diverse, and uniquely anointed training conferences on the West Coast for performing arts, literary arts, drama, and music, with an emphasis on dance. THE DANCER IN ME draws more than 500 dancers, singers, musicians, poets, and entrepreneurs, and ministers from across the U.S. and abroad who desire professional training, spiritual enrichment, and community engagement.

The Dancer in Me Sacred Arts & Music Training Institute originated in 2011 in Los Angeles, CA. It is produced by non-profit 501c3 organizations, The Long Beach Unity Festival (Stephen Adams, President/CEO) and Spirit of Praise Sacred Artistry International (Rev. Stephanie Butler Adams, Founder)—a husband & wife team; in collaboration with California State University Long Beach, the Music & Christian Arts Ministry of the AME Church (MCAM Director, Rev. Anthony Vinson-Chicago), and a host of agencies, organizations, and faith communities. Under the leadership of its visionaries Stephen and Stephanie Adams, The Institute gathers sacred artists, singers, musicians, dramatists, pageantry technicians, dancers, and entrepreneurs nationally and internationally to equip leaders, instruct individuals, transform lives while impacting nations through artistic ministry.

DIM features a team of more than 30 uniquely skilled, anointed, and nationally renowned facilitators, 30+ classes daily, and a continuous atmosphere of liberation, inspiration, and creative excellence for ages 6 and up. Artistic disciplines include specialized tracks for Dance, Music, Drama, Literary Arts, Fitness, Pageantry, Visual Arts, and Instrumentation.